Cosas de la tangente


Música de la Discada

• Bix Bederbecke, I'm Coming Virginia

• Bix Bederbecke, Jazz Me Blues

• Lester Young, Four O'Clock Drag

• Lionel Hampton, Save It Pretty Mamma

• Coleman Hawkins, Body and Soul

• Dizzy Gillespie, Good Bait (1953)

• Paul Whiteman, Wang Wang Blues

• Bessie Smith, Baby Doll

• Bessie Smith, Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

• Bessie Smith, Empty Bed Blues

• Yas Yas Girl (Merline Johnston), Blues Everywhere I Go

• Louis Armstrong, Don' Play Me Cheap

• Louis Armstrong, Yellow Dogs Blues

• Louis Armstrong, Mahogany Hall Stomp

• John Coltrane, Good Bait (1958)

• Sidney Bechet, Creole Blues

• Big Bill Broonzy, See See Rider

• Ma Rainey, Bo Weavil Blues

• Leon Chu Berry, Blue Interlude

• Champion Jack Dupree, Junker' Blues

• Big Bill Broonzy, Black, Brown & White

• Duke Ellington, Hot and Bothered

• Joe Turner, Roll 'Em Pete

• Earl Hines, I Ain't Got Nobody

• Jelly Roll Morton, Mamie's Blues

• Waring's Pennsylvanians, Stack O'Lee Blues

• Jelly Roll Morton, Honky Tonk Blues

• Ma Rainey, Jelly Bean Blues

• Johnny Dodds, Blues Galore

• Oscar Peterson, Oscar's Blues

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